We're here to help you bring out your inner Goddess so you can love, embrace and worship yourself exactly how you are in the here and now.




Having a boudoir photoshoot can be an intense experience filled with emotion. Whether you love each and every aspect of yourself to the moon and back, or you are just learning to embrace your unique magic and beauty, having intimate portraits taken of yourself is life changing. We know how important it is to feel prepared and confident, so we are here for you every step of the way to make sure you have the most amazing experience.



We'll connect via email to discuss your style, choose the set you would like to be photographed on, and plan your must have shots. We'll also chat about any accessories or props you might want to include! Next, we'll schedule a video wardrobe consultation to design your hair and makeup look and help you choose your outfits. We'll connect several more times before your session to get you prepped and confident!

Before Your Session

On your session day you'll be pampered with pro hair and makeup in your preferred style, then we'll photograph you in 3 to 5 different outfits which can include any of our shoes, jewelry, accessories, naughty propls or even fairy and angel wings! You'll receive complete with head-to-toe posing and expression direction throughout the shoot. The entire experience at our studio lasts about 4 hours!

During Your Session

Within two weeks, we'll deliver your fully edited digital gallery for you to download. After you've approved your images, we'll design your artwork with you! Whether you've selected a sexy mini book, luxury photo album, glass portrait box, crystal photo block, classic canvas or ultra modern metal wall hanging, they'll be handmade by our high end professional print labs and couriered directly to you.

After Your Session



Our studio caters to each individual energy that walks through its doors. We embrace the light and the dark here, so whether you're a soft and gentle dame, or a wild and daring temptress, you’ll feel perfectly at home with us. As much as we love our physical space, the most important reason to choose ANY boudoir studio is how it makes you feel. This is an intimate experience, and you need to be able to trust your artists completely to be able to fully experience the empowerment and excitement that comes with doing a session! We make certain that you feel comfortable, confident, and completely ready for your session, so that nothing is in your way. If you align with our energy and our vision, and our style speaks to you, then you’ll know we're the perfect fit.

Maybe you don't feel the right size, shape, or age... or just don't think there's any way that you could look like those beautiful, confident women you see taking the plunge. It's time to stop thinking like that. Those beautiful, confident women are JUST LIKE YOU. They come into our studio with their own insecurities, deeply engrained from being raised in a society that tries to limit a woman's beauty to her dress size during a small fraction of her amazing life. We're here to show you that nothing has the authority to hold you back from reclaiming your confidence and expressing your sensuality, and that you are absolutely perfect, exactly as you are.

Yes! We photograph women from all walks of life, and some want their photos shared, some give permission to share nonidentifiable photos, and some want their images to remain totally private! We never share anything without your explicit permission. 

Every image is edited in our signature rich and moody style, but the level of body retouching is up to you! Our standard retouching process includes removing anything temporary, such as blemishes, bruises, and clothing line marks. We also do a little lightening of undereye shadows and a gentle skin softening. It’s entirely up to you whether you would like us to remove or simply lighten the appearance of stretch marks, cellulite or scars, which we chat about when you choose your favourite images after your session!

Other than your beautiful self, outfits are the only thing you need to bring to your session! But don’t worry, you won’t be left on your own when trying to figure out what to wear. We have a helpful preparation guide that you’ll receive once you book to help point you in the right direction, then you’ll have your one-on-one video wardrobe and makeup consultation with our stylist to help you narrow down the best outfits for your session! Although we don’t have a lingerie wardrobe, we do have a collection of beautiful body chains, naughty props (such as cuffs, floggers, spreader bars and whips!), sexy sheer robes, bedroom shoes, and fun fantasy accessories like vamp teeth and wings that you can add to your session to spice up your look!

Only the best hair and makeup you’ve had in your life! What makes it the best, you say? Not only the sheer skill of our stylist, but the preparation and planning that goes into designing your look! You’ll get to let our stylist know all about your preferences well in advance of your session, and you’ll get to nail down your hair and makeup style during your one-on-one video wardrobe consultation! We don’t want to add any stress on your session day with surprises, so we make sure you’ll look exactly the way you want to. 

Yes! As we're getting you booked in for your ideal date, you'll get to let us know your favourite set to plan your session around! You'll get to choose from our natural and sensual Classic Daylight set, or our wild and daring Evening Candlelight set (which is only available seasonally on Fridays and Saturdays from November 1st to March 1st!).

Our classic daytime sessions take place from 10:00am to 2:00pm during the weekdays and on select weekends. Evening candlelight sessions take place on Fridays and Saturdays seasonally between November 1st and March 1st. Start times for evening candlelight vary between 3:00pm to 6:00pm depending on the sunset time on the date of your session.

We get that having support is important, but don’t worry, we’ll be your cheerleaders! Although we know that you would love for your favourite person to join you, we find that it’s much more distracting than it is supporting and encouraging. We have a method to our madness to create the best possible images for you, and part of that is having no guests. We suggest instead having your favourite person meet you after we’re fully wrapped up so you can hang out and tell them all about your amazing experience!

Are you an awkward turtle that can elbow yourself in the eye? Then you’ve found the right studio! You won’t have to worry one bit about how you look during your session; we’ll direct you through each and every pose, and probably rip our pants showing you some sexy moves to lighten the mood (can confirm, has happened at least once!). 

Oh, what a gift a boudoir session would be! However, because it’s such an intimate experience, we don’t offer gift certificates for our services. When a client comes to us, it’s because they’ve fallen in love with our studio and are ready to fall in love with their body. The only person that can book a boudoir session is the person to be photographed. 

RIGHT NOW! But seriously, as soon as you feel ready. We book sessions up to 6 months in advance, which is super helpful to break up payments towards your favourite image collection! If you’re considering giving images from your session as a gift to someone else, we recommend booking 2 months in advance of the gift date to give ample time for printed artwork to arrive. Although digital images are ready within 2 weeks of your session, printed artwork can take up to 6 weeks to be delivered. 

To book your very own immersive boudoir experience, there is a $495 session fee to get you started. This secures your session date, and includes your one-on-one video styling consultation, professional makeup and hair plus touch-ups throughout the session, use of any of our naughty props, outfit accessories, sexy bedroom shoes and fairy or angel wings, plus snacks and drinks during your session! Digital images, albums and artwork are purchased separately.

Yes, we do! Many of our clients will book several months in advance, which gives the opportunity to space out payments towards their image collection. Payments can be split up in any way you like, with options to pay by e-Transfer or credit card, provided the final balance is paid off before your session date. If you decide to upgrade your image collection after your session and need an extended payment plan, we're happy to make a plan with you!

First thing’s first, Drop Us An Email! Too impatient for email and want to get right to chatting? You can book a Phone Consultation to get loads of information about our studio, sessions and packages, then we can choose a date for you, get you booked in, and start planning the experience of a lifetime!